Sacred Herbals

Why the Name Change to Sacred Herbals?

Twisted Tonic Tea was my baby. When I started on this journey of taking truly healing herbal medicine out into the world, TTT was the vehicle for that mission. But after a number of years, the name, the brand, the range, no longer resonated with where I was at in my journey. It wasn’t just a name change, but a complete brand re-identification.

Because it no longer resonated with me at a soul level, I had to make a drastic change. To bring the brand into alignment with where I am at in my life now. Some people thought I was crazy. There were those that believed that rebranding would kill the business. But I believed it was the only way forward for me and my business. To be true to my mission.

And I didn’t just rebrand one of my businesses, I rebranded them both.

It wasn’t just a name change, but an energetic shift in the brand and the vision I have for healing the world.

I hope you love the new branding as much as I do.

Courtney x

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