Golden Chai (turmeric chai) 100g

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SILVER MEDAL WINNER at the Australian Tea Awards 2017

Take yourself on a magical carpet ride across the ocean to the inspiring country of India. Where exotic spices perfume the air. Where pots of chai are brewing in every kitchen and warming the cockles of the heart.

Taking inspiration from the spice trails, Golden Chai adds in the healing power of Turmeric and the liver boosting properties of Dandelion Root, to create the most nourishing chai.

It will stimulate the fire of digestion and flood your blood with warmth. It will awaken the senses and take you on a mini holiday (if only in your mind).

100% Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Ingredients: Turmeric, True Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise, Cardamom Pods, Liquorice Root, Clove Buds and Black Pepper.

Please use caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Turmeric: Traditionally has been used to help fight inflammation, protect the liver from free radical damage. It has also been used for its high antibiotic properties, anti-cancer properties and to reduce arthritic pain. It is indicated in the treatment of diabetes, lowering cholesterol, detoxifying the liver, boosting the immune system and improving cognition.

True Cinnamon: Traditionally has been used to help lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, regulate metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, normalise neurotransmitter function. It has also been researched for its abilituy to reduce cancer cell formation and growth. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as wellasanti-inflammatory.

Ginger Root: Traditionally has been used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, stimulant, digestive, carminative, diaphoretic and anti-microbial properties. It is indicated for reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, helping with digestive complaints such as nausea, gas and bloating, reducing muscle pain and morning sickness. It is a beautiful warming herb.

Dandelion Root: Traditionally dandelion root has been used to help support liver function and detoxification, support the digestive system, including the stimulation of essential digestive secretions. It may reduce liver congestion, reduce gas formation, relieve constipation and joint pain. As well as fighting infections. It is also indicated in the treatment of cancer.

Fennel Seeds: Traditionally has been used as a digestive aid, specifically for constipation, IBS, bloating, abdominal pain and gas formation. It is also indicated for coughs, congestion blood pressure and stimulating milk production in breastfeeding mothers and reduce morning sickness. It has been used to cool the body, reduce PMS and cramps.

Star Anise: Traditionally has been used to reduce gas and bloating, improve digestion, reduce nausea and cramps. It has also been used to reduce mucous from the respiratory system.

Cardamom Pods: Traditionally has been used to help digestive complaints, such as nausea, gas, bloating, constipation and acidity. It is also indicated for bronchitis, coughs, depression, lowering blood pressure. It is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Liquorice  Root: Traditionally Liquorice root has been used in the treatment of adrenal fatigue and cortisol imbalance, stress, digestive discomfort and depression. It is also indicated in the treatment of gastritis, liver support, eliminating mucous, PMS, cramps, mood swings and bloating, nervousness and increasing memory. It has also traditionally been used as an immune booster for colds, coughs, flu, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and Lyme Disease. It is indicated to help detox the liver, heal intestines and reduce constipation, as well as regulate ovulation and increase fertility.

Clove Buds: Traditionally has been used to help reduce inflammation, relieve digestive distress, reduce gas formation and constipation. It is also anti-septic and high in flavonoids. Is indicated in removing intestinal parasites and worms.

Black Pepper: Traditionally has been used to reduce gas formation, stimulate HCL (acid) and increase bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric. It has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.


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