‘Tea to heal the body, Tea to heal the soul’

Sacred Herbals is unlike any other range of Herbal Teas and Elixirs.

Organic, Naturopathically created and blended with love, by hand.

Each batch is lovingly created with your health and wellbeing in mind.

It is a range that has been created to help heal body, mind and soul.

Alchemy is my main focus when creating the blends. How each of the herbs blend synergistically with the others, how the blend flows and resonates with what I am trying to create and heal and how it tastes. It all comes into the process to create something truly magical.

With the change in the branding, I wanted to really refine and redefine the range to focus on healing, at the deepest level possible.

Every product is truly created with your health as the focus.


My journey with healing has lead me on this path of using plant medicine (including cacao) to allow me to heal in ways I never imagined.

Becoming a Naturopath was my greatest joy, because it introduced me to a life journey I never expected. When I discovered herbal medicine, everything changed for me.

For more information about my clinical work, head to my other page SACRED COLLECTIVE.

Here is a little more about me:

I am deeply connected to healing the world. That has always been my mantra – heal the world with love. I am a wild soul, sometimes trapped in a business mindset, yearning to run free with the wolves.

Plant medicine is one of the greatest gifts I have ever discovered. It changed my entire life, my health and my purpose.

I live a soul inspired life. Everything I do comes from the deep connection I have with my souls inner wisdom.

I am a poet, an earth goddess, and a dancer at my core (I am literally always dancing).

Music heals my soul. It vibrates in my heart, trickles into my veins and courses through me like wild fire.

I have spent many years feeling trapped in pleasing others around me. Something that I will no longer do.

I am always striving to be the best version of myself. Not perfect, just the best version of me. And while some people will say, ‘you never had to find your true self, as it was always inside you’ – years of putting other peoples beliefs and stigma on top of your soul can leave you feeling a little lost. So yes, I am always unfolding into my best self.

I believe that the creative spirit living inside me, is my greatest gift.

I am a constant dreamer – always have been, always will be. My mantra is: dream, plan, believe, act, achieve, celebrate (which is a take on the original: whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – but planning, hard work and celebration are needed in order to take it from a dream to reality).

Rainbows fill my heart with joy, because they remind us that no matter how severe the storm, it will pass, and beauty will be seen again.


(please note: every person is different. I cannot give medical advice over the phone, email or message. If you would like a comprehensive consultation, please feel free to book an appointment with me. Head to my Naturopath Page SACRED COLLECTIVE for more information)